A Gentleman’s Shirt

A gentlemens shirt

17th Century Sewing

One of numerous garments I have produced for the company Peggy’s Necessities as their seamstress.

Made of ivory linen, the shirt features a lace edged collar, trianglular inserts, collar pleats, hand sewn eyelets and reinforcement bar and hand made thread buttons. Completed with french seams throughout, all the edges and detailing are hand sewn and each individually made to the customers measurements and requirements.

I have produced many other types of garments for the company including soldiers coats, doublets, waistcoats, crosse-cloths, petticoats, smokes and shirts.

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A group styling project inspired by our own interpretation of Nostalgia.

My group and I were inspired by our parents and their time at university specifically my mother who attended the same university as myself and the stories I grew up with.

Stylists: Jessica Rose Barr, Jessica Hurley, Emma Hale, Rebecca Blood.
Model: Jessie Beaumont
Photographer: Tom Bennett

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An Alien Body

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Pushing Pattern Parameters

Presented in front of us were padded out mutilated mannequins, our “Aliens”. Our task: to creatively pattern cut a form fitting shape to the deformed alien and from that create a “wearable” avant-garde garment in a specified fabric.

Certain garments were selected to be displayed in an exhibition in our university and my garment was one of the chosen.

The Exhibition:
SIA Exhibition Website
University Media News
Yorkshire Post Press Release
Sheffield Telegraph Press Release
Postcode Gazette Press Release

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The White Triangle


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I was given the brief to design a six piece white shirt collection for S/S 13 from the inspiration of a shape: The Triangle.

I took to the stand immediately taking all my inspiration from the shapes I created using triangles of cloth on the stand from which I designed my 6 looks. I produced one of the looks, a shirt that when viewed side on creates the shape of a triangle with the shoulder.

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Thierry Mugler

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This project was my first ever menswear project. I never thought I would be interested in menswear but thought I’d give it a go anyway just for this project to expand my designs but I was completely converted!

This A/W14/15 collection consist of 6 looks for the Luxury RTW market.

We had to chose a designer in the chosen market area and design as if we were designing under their name. My chosen designer was Thierry Mugler, a design I had never looked at before but soon realised I should have found him a lot sooner! His structure, masculinity and contrasting fabrics really inspired me.

I took inspiration from both Menswear and Womenswear sources as I wanted to add a subtle femininity to the collection and abstract sculptures to inform the structural elements of the collection. I mixed print, on trend detailing and innovative pattern cutting with the intention of playing with peoples perception, using fabrics where the texture (i.e. fur) had been printed on so it gave the appearance of 3D.

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