Thierry Mugler

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This project was my first ever menswear project. I never thought I would be interested in menswear but thought I’d give it a go anyway just for this project to expand my designs but I was completely converted!

This A/W14/15 collection consist of 6 looks for the Luxury RTW market.

We had to chose a designer in the chosen market area and design as if we were designing under their name. My chosen designer was Thierry Mugler, a design I had never looked at before but soon realised I should have found him a lot sooner! His structure, masculinity and contrasting fabrics really inspired me.

I took inspiration from both Menswear and Womenswear sources as I wanted to add a subtle femininity to the collection and abstract sculptures to inform the structural elements of the collection. I mixed print, on trend detailing and innovative pattern cutting with the intention of playing with peoples perception, using fabrics where the texture (i.e. fur) had been printed on so it gave the appearance of 3D.

If you would like to view my portfolio in full please click HERE


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